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Analysis Of Charlie Chaplin’s Editorial Choices In Modern Times

Charlie Chaplin uses many film elements to convey the story’s message. In Modern Times, Chaplin makes the most of editing’s many advantages to link the film to important themes like Capitalism, Great Depression, Industrialization, etc. Chaplin’s editorial choices are evident …

A Review Of The Film ‘Gone Girl’

Gillian Flynn wrote the screenplay and David Fincher directed it. It follows Amy Dunne’s disappearance on their fifth wedding anniversary. Since she has vanished from the house in Missouri, her husband is the primary suspect. There are evidences that suggest …

My Impressions From Tv Series “Game Of Thrones”

A director might describe me as a “tough audience” when it comes to TV series.

I don’t think twice when it comes to canceling a show in the middle of a season. This bad television is my fault. I blame …

The Hound Of Baskervilles: An Analysis And Interpretation Of The Screen Adaptation

Thesis : “The Hounds of Baskerville”, a new adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, I think, is good because the events are made clearer and the setting fits the story better. Sherlock also seems to be smarter.

It is said that book …

Criticism Against Video Games

Table of Contents

An opening

Videogame Violence: A Campaign Against It

Video Game Violence

My point of view

In closing


This is the beginning of the piece. It is the first section and serves to introduce the topic.

Videogames …

Facts Surrounding The Demise Of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s music is loved all over the world. The music of Mozart’s operas like Don Giovanni has been sampled in many movies, TV shows and other entertainment forms. It is possible to document much of his life. For …

Birdman: Movie Summary And Analysis

Birdman ending scene: film analysis

The scene I found most significant and powerful after watching Birdman was the end of the film as well as Riggan’s play. You can’t say when this scene started because the entire movie was shot …

Comparing The Similarities And Differences Between Acting And Lying

Acting Is Better Than Lying

Both lying and acting are very different, but they share some striking similarities. In both cases, the truth can be hidden or strewn throughout the spoken words. The quality and technique of an action can …

The Freedom Writers: Content And Movie Analysis

Freedom Writers tells the story of a teacher who is devoted to her students, but cannot get any support or resources because no one believes that they will pass their freshman year. The plot becomes a dazzling version of Dangerous …

Joel Zwick’s Big Fat Greek Wedding: A Look At Obeying And Disobeying Principles

Table of Contents




The Family outlines the principles of parenting that have been divinely approved. Media does not always reflect these principles. In the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002), they obey some principles but disobey …

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