Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s music is loved all over the world. The music of Mozart’s operas like Don Giovanni has been sampled in many movies, TV shows and other entertainment forms. It is possible to document much of his life. For example, we know he lived in Salzburg and Austria. We also know he began composing when he turned five. How did he actually die?

This question is not answered with certainty. As his body has never been found, an autoposy could not have taken place. Instead, people speculate. Others claim that Mozart died from illness. Others believe that Mozart’s death was caused by poisoning. Antonio Salieri – another composer who lived in Mozart’s era – was most often accused of murder. Although he was talented, he never reached the same level of fame as Mozart. The Magic Flute is one of Mozart’s most recent operas. He shouted praises as each overture ended. He was jealous of Mozart’s talent, but he also admired his work. Many people speculate that his murder of Mozart was a final act of revenge.

Salieri’s role in Amadeus is not explicitly stated, but it is implied. Salieri speaks to Mozart in the opening scene, while he’s being held captive in a hospital. Salieri’s confession is that I murdered you. In the film, Salieri appears to have commissioned Mozart to create the Requiem. This was the last music piece Mozart composed before his death. However, the movie did not seem to support the usual poisoning theory, but rather implied that Mozart’s illness was due to the effort he made to finish his Requiem. Salieri was Mozart’s “murderer,” because Salieri commissioned him to write the Requiem. However, this claim is untrue. Antonio Salieri is either the murderer of Mozart or the one who commissioned him to compose the Requiem. The same goes for the Requiem. He might have commissioned it, but not been the murderer. This mystery will never be solved.


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