Birdman ending scene: film analysis

The scene I found most significant and powerful after watching Birdman was the end of the film as well as Riggan’s play. You can’t say when this scene started because the entire movie was shot to appear as one continuous shot. Imagine that it begins right after Riggan’s wife leaves the dressing room. Riggan then starts getting ready for his final scene. He doesn’t just put on the wig. After vocal warm-ups, he takes out a real firearm. The viewers are surprised when they see him check the bullets. Riggan appears to be calmly doing this. While he prepares, the camera follows his every move. The camera is omniscient throughout the entire film. It floats and shows us the purpose of everything. Riggan then raises his right arm and points at the door. Riggan’s arm is raised to point to the door. As soon as Riggan separates himself from the camera, Riggan begins to sing and drums begin playing. As the video moves through the hallway, it becomes obvious that Riggan is the main character. We are walking down a narrow, dark hallway. Drums and darkness add to the sense of dread of what will happen. The camera switches roles as the hallway turns and the man playing drums is seen on the other side. This drummer is a great way to bring the film score alive. Riggan walks into the frame as the camera moves backwards, focusing on the drummer. As if Riggan is being played off by the drummer. The lights become blue as Riggan leaves the drummer. This indicates a change in the environment, and that the final scene is approaching. This transition is also aided by ambient sounds. It begins with a sneeze, followed by a make-up artist speaking to Riggan. The camera only moves slightly in the frame so that we can see his surroundings. Riggan is walking up to the entrance of his house when he hears thunder. A red light is silhouetted on him, and he appears calm. He enters. The camera slowly spins around him as he goes through his role. The two actors are also visible as the camera rotates. Riggan is the center of attention. He walks in the spotlight after he finishes playing his part and shows his true self. He fires his own gun. He drops out of the picture. Now the camera is looking at audience. Standing ovations are given by the audience. The critic is the only person who does not stand. She stands up, and everyone claps as she leaves. The camera moves up to the light, and we see our first intentional cut. The camera cuts to shots showing a comet, a jellyfish, & percussion line. These are his last moments. Riggan is able to find his happiness within this scene. He does not care about critics, and the audience’s standing ovation is the end of his life. He is finally happy.


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