Gillian Flynn wrote the screenplay and David Fincher directed it. It follows Amy Dunne’s disappearance on their fifth wedding anniversary. Since she has vanished from the house in Missouri, her husband is the primary suspect. There are evidences that suggest he may be guilty. Gone Girl shows how the media can mislead people. There are relatable stories and characters that have secrets.

Amy’s family contacted the media as soon after they heard of her disappearance. Amy was already known to the media because of her parents’ “Amazing Amy”, a book they wrote. Nick’s mistakes were causing people to suspect him of being guilty. He changed his audience’s perception after he appeared on television and spoke. Nick stated in an interview: “They hated me, and then they loved me.” The people used to hate me, but now they are in love with me. Some characters had their own secrets.

Amy’s parents wrote “Amazing Amy” for her as a child, so she spent her life trying to live up people’s expectation. Amy’s father and mother were both psychologists. When Amy stopped playing a musical instrument or quit sports as a kid, ‘Amazing Amy,’ kept going. So, ‘Amazing Amy,’ can be more engaging and make better choices. She will also become a role-model. Amy is a manipulative control freak who hides her true nature. Throughout the film, she uses her diary to tell her story, in which she manipulates both the police and audience into believing her. Nick wants to look like a hero and to be perceived as one. Nick begins to shed his “good guy” persona in the middle. Andie tells the world about their relationship, which leads to people believing that Nick played a role in the disappearance. Nick and Amy have both created false versions of themselves to fit their own fake reality. This shows their toxic marriage, which is built upon lies. Amy’s adventure brought her into contact with a couple that pretended to be friends but actually robbed Amy. Nick’s identical twin Margo went by the name “Go” throughout the film.

The film was filled with unexpected twists. Amy had planned the whole thing to get her husband back. She studied a lot of crime fiction and then recreated a crime scene that was only half-clean in her house. She created a fake crime scene that looked like an actual struggle. This would make it easy for anyone to identify Nick. He had betrayed her, stolen her money, and wrecked her whole life. She wouldn’t let him leave after what she’d done. Initially, she had no control, and acted the way he asked her to. However, after her plan was successful, she now has the power. Amy is aware that he won’t leave the film once she gains control. His image will be ruined. Amy was called a victim of kidnapping, a pregnant woman who had been cheated, and even a kidnapped person by society. Nick was called a liar.

The movie “Gone Girl”, in general, is a unique revenge film. People are not always what they claim to be, and truth will eventually come out. “Gone Girl”, shows that you don’t see everything. You may not even know what is going on in the background.


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