Wall-E was an american animated sci-fi film production company. Walt Disney Studious Motion Pictures distributes. Released in Los Angeles on June 23, 2008 and North America on June 27, 2018. Running time 98 mins. United States. It was directed, produced, and edited by Andrew Stanton. Screenplay and story by Jim Reardon. Starring Ben Burtt and Ellisa Knight. Also, John Ratzenberger (John), Fred Willard (John), Kathy Najimy, Sigourney Weber, Music by Thomas Newman. Cinematography by Jeremy Lasky. Edited: Stephen Schaffer. Wall-E is a movie about what happens if technology becomes too dependent on people. Wall-E is the most entertaining of all the movies. It shows what might happen one day. Wall-e noticed a small plant while working and decided to put it inside an old shoe. He then saw a red dot moving and tried to grab it, but it was too slow. After it, he saw an unmanned spaceship that had landed. He released the robot named Eve. He followed her everywhere that she went. However, eve was so agressive she took pictures of everything that moved. Wall-e was following her even though he was afraid. He will hide behind something. After a few days they became good friends. Wall-e brought her to his home and showed him everything. Then he showed her the plant, which activated an eve program. After that, she turned off the computer. Wall-e was unable to understand what was happening and tried every possible method to get eve back to working. A spaceship came crashing onto earth a few days later. It will be the end of eve. Wall-e wasn’t ready to be left alone so he followed eve into the galaxy.

The spaceship transported Eve to the Axiom. Wall-e is still following Eve. He also noticed the obese people who live in the axiom. Eve visited McCrae’s office to show him the plant. The only way to bring back the spaceship was by putting in the ship’s holosdetector. If the plant is to produce force, it will be able to do so. The plant became lost in the eve room. Wall-e and eve were both taken to the diagnostics area. Waller-e misinterpret it for torture and Waller-e was alarmed. Wall-e became agitated and escaped. The malfunctioning robots were accidentally released. They made a lot of rumble as they moved around. Wall-e and Eve are rogues. They were arrested by police robots but they ran away. Eve will take Wall-e home with her to escape from the pod. Go-4 arrives and steals the plant. Auto ordered Go-4 to steal the plant. It was placed inside an escaped pod and made to self-destruct. Walle did her best to save it. Auto doesn’t want to see the plant again. Eve and Wall-e celebrated the axiom. McCrae was notified. Although the pilot was thrilled, the autopilot refused to reveal the top secret. Wall-e and Eve were thrown into a garbage chute. Wall-e and Eve helped bring the plant into the holodetector room. Auto attempts closing the chamber McCrae confronts Auto, but McCrae defeats Auto. Wall-e was slowly falling when Eve inserted the plant into the holo-detector. The holo–detector activates. It produces a hyperjump from earth. The axiom landed safely. Eve repair Walle. McCrae grew the plant. The earth became a place of ideal life. As the years passed, technology became a more common crop. Technology is a great tool that can make our lives easier. Our lives became simpler when technology was introduced to our generation, both in education and work. Technology makes education so much easier. It’s helpful for those who are doing research paper or homework. Even in economic situations, technology plays a significant role. The last thing is the household chores. Our mother complains about how hard it is to clean her house. However, technology has made this easier. Technology has been an integral part in our daily lives, and it is now a key rule. Technology can also be a problem. Technology can make us dependent on it. This could lead to forgetting to plant trees or to cut them down and put it in a subdivision. Technology can also affect our families. It is sad that while a family may be complete within their home, they appear to have their own world. This makes it difficult for a family to bond and causes misunderstandings. While technology may seem to be part of our everyday life, we should not depend on it. Technology will make us forget how to appreciate small details and also make us lazy. Technology is a constant in today’s society. It is evident that there are many devices available such as phones, computers, laptops and tablets. The technology gadgets we use are heavily used and consumed.

Technology innovation is important, especially for those who prefer less manual labor. However, the conflict that results from these innovations can be detrimental to our health, lifestyles and environment. This makes it easier for lazy people to show their inability to do things the old-fashioned way. This means that we used technology to our advantage and to make things easier and faster without realizing its negative and beneficial effects. God gave us complete knowledge about the underlying causes of everything we see, so that we could become complete humans. It is not our responsibility to know the consequences of it. Some people choose robots over humans and rely on robots to do their jobs. Robots can also be used to help them accomplish their remaining work tasks. “Wall E,” a science fiction film, was my favorite. I loved its story about the powerful effects of technology such as robots and the message it conveyed about commercialism. People are willing infantile consumers to large corporations. I was intrigued by the film and wanted to see how these revolutions worked. This will allow me to understand the impact on society and the potential benefits to future generations. Let’s just say that I am curious about how technology will evolve over the next generation. “Wall E,” a science fiction film, was my favorite. I loved its story about robots and the power of technology. Also, it spoke about commercialism. Humans are willing to be infantile consumers for Giant Corporation. I was intrigued by the film and wanted to experience these new innovations. I’d love to learn more about this effect and its potential benefits to society in the coming years. To summarize, I am interested in how technology evolves over time.


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