Ophelia, eleven years old, starts the story. Ophelia is the underworld’s king’s daughter, but not in the best way. She loses herself in the mortal universe and forgets who it is she is. She is curious about the world above, and she comes up to find it. Her life above ground isn’t always happy. The story opens with her mother being pregnant and them riding a train to Captain Vidal’s estate. Ophelia is obsessed with fairies and finds a stickbug in her estate. She later believes it to be a fairy. Later in the day, rebels attack. Captain Vidal must then fight them.

Ofelia follows the stick insect to the entrance of the stone labyrinth while they’re busy. Mercedes, her housekeeper, tells her not to go into the maze. It is not a typical night. One, Ofelia discovers that Ferreiro and Mercedes, the Doctor are supporting the rebels. One, an insect that is more fairy-like than the rest and less hideous leads Ofelia to the labyrinth. She descends some steps to be greeted immediately by a faun (tthik Narnia) who informs her she’s “princess” and requires her to complete three tasks before her full moon to return to her real home. The tasks turned out to be quite messed-up, as you can see. The first task involves feeding three magic rocks to the giant tree-eating toad. Ofelia gives the magic stone to the giant toad… he collapses and dies. fun. The’real world’ isn’t any less bleak. Carmen’s pregnancies are getting worse. She’s feverish and bleeding 24/7. The Faun comes to Ophelia’s aid by giving her a mandrake root. It’s time for the next task. This makes everything look like a walk on a beach. She is met by a strange-looking man with long nails and no eyes. The Pale Man is a man with long nails and no eyes. He’s the same color as raw bread dough. She retrieves her dagger but finds herself unable to resist the forbidden food. After she has eaten a grape, the monster awakens. It’s kind-of difficult to explain.

We discover that Mercedes’ brother, the mortal realm rebel, while we wait. The Doc and Mercedes are on the road together, visiting rebels and bringing them food. Vidal learns and lets me tell you, it doesn’t go well. The Faun gets mad at Ofelia for eating grapes and yells at Vidal before leaving. Vidal sees Ofelia the next morning as she checks on her mother’s mandrake and starts to freak out about her. Carmen wakes up, and she promises that she’ll get over it. She puts the mandrake in the fire and immediately goes into labor. It costs her her entire life. Her baby boy is healthy. Vidal is obsessed not only with her son, but also with his potential heir.

Things don’t get any better. Vidal sees Mercedes’ plan and decides to run, coercing Ofelia along. Vidal follows them and brings Mercedes back to the rebels, but Vidal is the one who gets hurt. Mercedes makes a run for it and eventually catches up to the rebels. Ofelia, acting according to the Faun’s orders (who gives her a second opportunity), steals her brother. Vidal chases her with his gun.

The rebels continue to attack the estate. Ofelia enters the labyrinth to meet the Faun. The Faun is determined to kill her brother and get the blood for the portal. Ophelia refuses, being a good sibling. Vidal, however, finds Ophelia and quickly shoots Ofelia. Vidal eventually finds himself in the maze and is met by the rebels. They kill Vidal’s infant son. They later discover the unconscious Ofelia, who is bleeding into the pool. This opens her route to the Underworld. In a room with golden colors, she awakes fine, her parents sitting on two thrones, one empty and the other empty for her. All the fairies bow to her, including the Faun. Ofelia smiles.